Lessons From My First Public Facebook Post on a Trending Topic:

1) I do not ever want to do a public post on a trending topic ever again.

2) I am truly amazed at how many people will say things on a stranger’s FB post that they would NEVER say if the person were standing right in front of them.

I thought that many people were finally waking up to the fact that we are all on this planet together & should actually be decent to each other.

I was obviously mistaken. I just happen to be friends with a large number of very respectful, considerate people.

I do appreciate the people who commented on the post that actually were decent & respectful. The rest of them need to learn some manners.

Which brings me to this…

3) Because I had “Algorithm Perception Deception Bias” (yeah… I just made that up,) my previous perception was that many people on planet earth were actually becoming more decent humans. While I am sure that is true to an extent, I am learning that it is NOT true to the extent that I had previously perceived.

I just happen to have connected with some really incredible human beings on Facebook in the almost nine years that I have been on FB. I have also unfollowed some people, blocked some people, put some people on restricted, etc. I am in many groups, but there are very few where I have notifications on. In other words, I have created this beautiful insulated digital world that can be my happy place most days, hanging out virtually with truly amazingly beautiful, loving, kind, respectful human beings.

But that is not the entirety of reality. I was living a deluded, limited perception of reality!

Which leads to this…

4) I now think it is completely unrealistic to expect humanity to blissfully ascend to a more loving place quickly. I think that will take a while.

I now believe it is far more feasible for us to begin with the goal of just being decent to each other and not calling each other names.

I feel we should all pledge to take 3 seconds before our fingers hit the keyboard to interact with other human beings to ask this one simple question:

“Would I say these words to this fellow human being if they were standing right in front of me?”

If the answer is no, then it is time to step away from the keyboard and ask yourself why you were going to type something like that to another human. Cry if you need to. Then forgive yourself. Then maybe take a few deep breaths or go outside for a few minutes and take in nature.

I really feel if we all did this, it would really make a HUGE difference.

I’m going to make this my goal.

Will you join me?

P.S. If you are curious about the post I made and which trending topic it was, here you go:



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