#PoemADay – Day 45

When my oldest child, Laurel, was two-years-old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was the size of a tennis ball inside her tiny head. Luckily it was not malignant and was able to be removed with a six hour surgery. She had a 10 day recovery in the hospital. It was during that ten days that I began writing the lyrics below.

Castles of Sand

If you think you’ve got your life all planned

#PoemADay - Day 45

#PoemADay – Day 45

You’re building castles made of sand
The tides of change are going to roar
Won’t be no castles here no more

So don’t take one moment for granted
Don’t put off living for a day
Cause your world can come crashing down now
If the winds of change should blow your way

Don’t put your dreams off ’til tomorrow
Don’t let doubt get in your way
The place is here; the time is now
There’s no tomorrow here today


Gotta make time for your children
They’re only little for so long
There’s always going to be more work to do
Regret can break even the strong


© Juliet L. Easton
June – October 1994

This is a poem that is in my first poetry book, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay Day – 100” which launched Thursday July 24, 2014.

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