#PoemADay – Day 37

Digital Dating Land

DigitalDatingLand.com Where Online Dating Gets Wonky

Song lyrics inspired by
online dating adventures I had.

This song will have a
country/bluegrassy feel
to it when it is recorded.

Hope you enjoy it!

Digital Dating Land

I’m not sure who that girl is
That you thought of when you thought of me
So sure she’d fall in love with you
And you two would end up happily

You saw twenty of my pictures
And read how I describe myself
We had two phone conversations
Text, IM, and nothing else

Unrealistic expectations
In digital dating land
Can lead to sure disaster
Make sure your lifeboats all are manned
So many unknown factors
No matter how you have things planned
Like energy and chemistry
How someone moves and how they stand

How could you presume to know me
And think I would fall in love with you
When your pics were old and blurry
And your age wasn’t true?

I’m sorry that you fell for me
And it was not reciprocal
I highly value honesty
And your profile was full of bull


© Juliet L. Easton
2:22 AM

This is a poem that is in my first poetry book, “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay Day – 100” which launched Thursday July 24, 2014.

There are some cool bonuses if you buy the book during the launch party from Thursday 7/24 – Sunday 7/27..

More info on the bonuses and the book in the Facebook event:



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