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If you need copy that converts to sales, I can help as long as you meet this criteria:

  • You are a honest, ethical human being
  • You are providing a product or service that truly helps those in your market
  • You are not in a MLM company

Past sales copy for my own projects has included long-form sales copy, short copy (brand names, brand URLs, calls to action, PPC, headlines, and taglines,) and multi-page (up to 30 pages) educational copy. In 2002, I was generating  PPC (pay per click) CTR (click through rates) of 8 – 14% that converted to sales in a niche (supplements) where the average CTR was 4 – 6%. One site of a single nutritional product priced at $27.97 produced sales of $70,000/month in that same time period.

In late 2002, I trained with master copywriters Gary Halbert and John Carlton at a three-day limited attendance workshop in Scottsdale, AZ. Some examples of my recent and older work are below.

I’ve been working with many freelance clients since February 2019 and have created copy they have loved including website copy, SEO/Conversion website copy, funnel copy including opt-in pages, sales pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, email sequences, email swipes for affiliates, VSL (Video Sales Letter) scripts, and salesperson video scripts.

I have also created event landing pages, supplement product pages, white papers, press releases, Facebook ad copy, Adwords copy, brochure copy, LinkedIn profile and page copy, and more!

Copywriting Examples of Work

Recent Copy

Holiday Sale Email for Ninja Artwear, a Fashion Brand:

I achieved higher than industry standards for open and click-through rates.

email conversion rates

Ninja Artwear Holiday Sale Email Copy


More Email Copy:

Samples of Email Copy – Sequences, Affiliate Swipes, & More!


Copy for Videos:

Video Production Portfolio

Webinar Follow-up Email Sequences & FB Ads – High-end Coaching in Personal Development Niche:

I created this copy for a 2MarketMedia, a NYC agency whose clients include Mel Robbins and Grant Cardone. For this project, I created the strategy for the email sequences in addition to writing the copy. There is a testimonial above from Lauren Pringle, the Marketing Manager for 2MarketMedia. 

I wrote Facebook ads to get opt-ins for the webinar & email copy for three audiences:

  1.  people who watched the webinar, but didn’t book a call
  2.  people who signed up for the webinar, but didn’t watch it
  3.  people who signed up for the webinar, but only watched part of it

Anthony Trucks FB Ads & Email Sequences


Local SEO/Conversion Copy:

I did all of the copy on this site, focusing on both conversion and SEO from a list supplied by my client (the end client is his client.) The testimonial from Mike Dimou above is for this project.

Winola Excavating


Supplement Product Page Copy:

I created the product page copy for MOXXOR, who is the end client for my agency client, Digital Marketer Bee. The testimonial from Bee Cuevas above is for this project.



Info Product Funnel Copy:

I created funnel copy and an email swipe each for two info products for a client. You might need to right click to open in a new tab or window. They are Google folder links and don’t seem to be working when clicking on them for some weird reason. 




Marketing Agency Website Copy:

I created this copy for a full service marketing agency in Orange County, CA – RazWerks, focusing on both conversion and SEO. They have not added all of the copy to their website yet (as of 7/9/19.) The google doc below has all of the copy I wrote for them. The testimonial above from Ali Razavi is for this project.



Facebook Ad Copy:

Here are someTOF (Top Of Funnel) ads I wrote leading to a webinar registration opt-in page for a high-end coaching program:

Anthony Trucks Facebook Ad Copy

Here are some TOF Facebook ads I wrote and created for Ninja Artwear, an edgy fashion brand:

Ninja Artwear Facebook Ad Copy


Email Swipe for Manifestation Magic:

The testimonial screenshot above from John Cho is for this project. He is their Affiliate/Marketing Manager.

Manifestation Magic


Video Ad Script for Richmond Dinh:

Short Video Script for event registration. Richmond is the end client for my agency client, Netmore Marketing.

Event Promo Video Script


Event Registration Page Copy:

I created the copy for the event landing page for the Deni Fishing Classic, who is the end client for my agency client, Digital Marketer Bee. 

Deni Classic Registration Page

I also created the copy for the event landing page for the Earth Canvas Open Days, also an end client for my agency client, Digital Marketer Bee. 

Earth Canvas Open Days Registration Page


OTO Page for eGuide in Gaming (FIFA):

This OTO page is to upsell people who have just subscribed to a monthly FUTDroid Software plan. It is for an eGuide to help them get quicker and easier results from the software.

FUTDroid 100K A Day Blueprint


Report with Goal to Register for Event:

I created this Report for Dean Gammell of as an educational promo opt-in offer to promote his Discovery Day event.

Report for Dean Gammell


Email for Employment Law Course:

This email was sent to an attorney’s warm list for a course to help them pursue employment discrimination cases on their own.

EEO Guide for Government Employees


Nonprofit Foundation Website Copy:

I created this copy for a nonprofit foundation – The Shane Foundation, focusing on increasing awareness, donations, and grant funding. 

The Shane Foundation


Website Copy for Nonprofit Music School:

This is web copy, heavy on the bio and bullets, for SP Anonymous – a self-taught musician and producer, who founded a nonprofit music school to teach producers music theory. The testimonial above from Tiana Cameron is regarding this project.

SP Anonymous Website Copy


Sales Letter for Personal Development Niche Service

Creative Movement Meditation


Edgy Copy for a Fashion Brand:

Ninja Artwear About Page


Front Page & About Page Copy for Food Product:

Hempnola Front & About Page


About Page & Allergen Statement Copy for Catering Biz:

T-Wraps About Page & Allergen Statement


About Page Copy for Personal Development Site:

My Own Hero’s Journey About Page


Long-form Sales Letter for the Parenting Niche (old site on

Child of the Light – Dream Whispers


Opt-in Copy for White Paper Guide for a Client: 

Optin for White Paper in Medical Industry


White Paper Guide for Client with Goal of Setting an Appointment for an Assessment:

White Paper in Medical Industry


Article in FinancialContent on Klout and Authentic Authority:



Press Release on Book Launch:



Consulting Services with Goal of Setting an Appointment for a Free Consultation:

Own Your Authority – Book It Write Now


Older Copy from

Nutritional Products Niche – Long-form Sales Letter that Produced $70K per Month at That Time

Coral Express

 _______________________________ – Educational Copy – Soft Sell


 _______________________________ – Educational Copy – Soft Sell



Personal Development/Passion/Purpose Niche

Perceptual SuperSizing

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