Muh Boots Haz Rainbows

Muh Boots Haz Rainbows:  #PoemADay – Day 1 – 100

Amazon International Best Seller”Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay – Day 1 – 100″  is available in  the Kindle version on It contains 100 poems and song lyrics.  The print version will be out later this month.  You can see the bestseller screenshots from the launch here.

Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay - Day 1 - 100

Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay – Day 1 – 100

Here is the lowdown on the bonuses if you purchased during my launch party:

1) I Will Write A Poem for You

You pick a topic for a poem you want me to write in my post-launch series #PoemsForPeeps starting in August 2014. You send me three topics. I pick one. I write a poem on your topic & dedicate it to you in an upcoming book #PoemsForPeeps. If you have a cool website, I’ll link to it and also tag you in posts of the poem on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, & Instagram (as long as you provide me your account links for each of those.)

2) Virtual Poetry Reading

I will read poems from “Muh Boots Haz Rainbows: #PoemADay Days 1 – 100” selected by YOU in a Google Hangout on Air. You will send me your three favorite poems from the book that you want me to read and I will put everyone’s requests together and read the favorites.

There are many song lyrics in this book and if you pick songs as your favorites, I will sing them. Michael Paumgardhen and I will come up with something to play along on instruments or I might sing some a Cappella. This will be recorded as a YouTube video so you can watch it anytime you like.

3) Virtual Open Mic Spoken Word

Bring your best spoken word stuff, peeps! Each poet peep gets 5 minutes with the mic for Spoken Word original work in a Google Hangout on Air. If you don’t want to read, but you wanna watch, that’s cool too! It will be recorded as a YouTube video that you can watch at anytime. And when you read, introduce yourself for a bit (you can include your website address – if you have one – in your introduction.)

“So… how do I get these bonuses, Juliet?”

Simple as pie.

1) Buy my book during the launch of Thursday 7/24 – Sunday 7/27 at

2) Forward your Amazon Kindle book purchase receipt to This will subscribe you to a email list that will send you all the information you need about the bonuses after your email address has been verified for the purchase time.  Verification is a process that has to be done manually, so it will be a day or two before you get the detailed information about the bonuses, including dates and times for the poetry readings.

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