Dojo Fitted Skirt

Dojo Fitted Skirt

Now available – NinjaArtwear!

I  decided in late 2015 to put my art on clothing. This is an adventure that I am enjoying immensely!

I love taking the photos with my iPhone from cool perspectives. And then turning them into art with various iPhone apps! Been doing both of those for a while now.

Positioning my art on clothing is a whole new thing! It takes a while to position the art in a way that:

  • creates a cool design
  • is flattering to the curves of the human body
  • looks great from the front, back and sides

With some designs, it doesn’t take much time, maybe 5-10 minutes. Others take longer. One design for a skirt took me 45 minutes to get just how I wanted it! And some designs just wouldn’t work. Those went into the great digital trash can. 🙂

Check out my designs on NinjaArtwear.

SunFlower Daydream Leggings

SunFlower Daydream

My original art is now on over 1000 designs, more to come!

If you have any requests, please let me know! I am happy to work with you! <3

CreateEveryDay Series

I began my #CreateEveryDay series/mission/movement on 6/23/2014.

You can Create Every Day too!
♥ Do it! ♥

I am sharing all of the posts containing visual art from this series on Facebook in this album

Prints of my art are available on Fine Art America here. I will be adding more art there soon. If you see a design in my #CreateEveryDay series that you would like on a print, cards or iPhone case, please let me know and I will upload that photo to the store.

You can order my art on T-shirts, leggings, yoga pants, swimwear, hoodies, high top shoes, crop tops, baby leggings, beanies, scarves, dresses, skirts, phone cases, shower curtains, beach towels, yoga mats and more at NinjaArtwear. If you see a design in my #CreateEveryDay series that you would like on a certain item, please let me know and I will create that item in the store.

Thank you so much for supporting my art!

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